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About Me

A bit of my story

Living in different countries and various cultures, I’ve learned that design can be a universal language. Sharing drawings and design work allowed me to connect with people beyond language and cultural differences and create a shared understanding.

Over time, I’ve grown to love observing people’s reactions and interacting with them through design, and that has naturally led me to pursue design as my career.

Throughout my work experience, I’ve developed a strong ability to structuralise data and visually communicate information in easily digestible ways. My industrial design background has trained me to look at both the contextual and physical aspects of experiences when developing digital solutions. Through working with multidisciplinary teams, I have learned that for the successful completion of a project, collaboration and clear communication of design decisions are the key.

I’ve become more attentive to the challenges we see as a greater community and moved to London to study Service Design. I learned to combine a systemic approach with creative thinking to envision the bigger impact of design in our day to day life. 

My interest lies in digital experience and transformation, specifically in the areas of how human’s behaviours are changing with new technology, what challenges that businesses face in the time of digital evolution, and how I could use my skills to bridge the gap between the unmet needs of people.

My values


Usable, viable and feasible solutions can only be delivered through collaboration.


Zoom in and out from details to the big picture. Considering the product being designed as an interconnected whole.


Being attentive to people’s needs, context, and motivations before diving into solutions.

Outside of work, I enjoy drawing. Some of my drawings are used in book covers and illustrations,

such as <La Melodie D'Etoile> and <Interview collection>. 

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