Hello there! I am Donglin Kim. 
Thank you for stopping by :)

I am a service and experience designer driven toward uncovering business and user needs as well as providing tangible solutions for the same.


My experiences range from working in a marketing team at a foreign chamber of commerce to an agile project at an IT consulting firm, engaging in various projects spanning the research to development phases.

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While growing up in five countries and meeting people from various cultures who speak different languages, I was always attracted by the power of design as a universal language:

I learned to open up a conversation and empower relationships with people by sharing my drawings and the objects that I had created. Growing up observing people’s behaviour and reactions and interacting with them through design, I naturally pursued design as my profession. 


During my previous professional roles, I developed a strong ability to structuralise and visualise data into digestible information tailored to readers and to the purpose through graphics and editorial design. I leveraged my industrial design knowledge to consider both the contextual and physical aspects when developing a digital solution. Through working with multidisciplinary teams, I have learned the importance of clearly articulating design decisions and collaboration to resolve everyday challenges and lead the project to fruition.


In my time studying Service Design at the Royal College of Art, I became more attentive to the challenges we face as a greater community. I learned to marry a systemic approach with creative thinking to envision the bigger impact of what I am about to create within the living ecosystem. 


My interest lies in digital experience and transformation, especially thinking about how the ways people behave are changing, what the challenges are for businesses facing digital evolution, and how I can use my skills to bridge the gap between the unmet needs. 


If you are seeking Service and Experience Designer to help excel your team or simply want to have a chat, please send me a message :)