Improving young people’s agency to discover what

they want to be in the future


The process of deciding ‘what do I want to be?’ can be daunting for young people when they are struggling to understand what they want to become in the future.


‘Dough’ helps them approach this question by providing opportunities to learn from and become inspired by professionals.

Year  2018-2019

Client: Telefonica Alpha

Tutor: Dr Qian Sun

Teams: Ally Rosam, Karen Rozenbaum

My Role: In-depth & Guerrilla interviews
Ecosystem map, Journey mapping,
Workshop planning and coordination, Ideation,

Prototype and testing, Brand identity and UX/UI 

Acknowledgement: Shortlisted by Telefonica Alpha




How might we support, empower and inspire young people to

successfully navigate life’s transitions and achieve their personal goals?


Young people between 16-18

Alpha Telefonica approached us to develop a service that could help young people to increase their personal agency they have upon their lives so they can be healthier and happier.


Our team tackled the Future of Work and focused on young people aged between 16 to 18 and have to decide what they want to be in the future.

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From interviews and workshops with students, we discovered that there is a key moment for young people between the ages of 16-18 when they start having to make decisions and choices about their future selves in relation to work. This is characterised by high levels of emotion, namely anxiety due to the pressure they feel from parents, school and society.


During what we named the ‘pre-experience’ phase, which is when young people interact with professionals to compare their expectations with reality, they actually started to learn from their experience and feel more positive.



Our strategy is to harness the positive feeling and the level of understanding

that ‘Pre-experience’ allows by enabling young people to interact with professionals

whilst allowing them to learn from those interactions.


A peer to peer service to help young people to learn from and become

inspired by professionals in the world of work.

Get inspired by watching short videos shared by young professionals

See how they work, what they do

and what the environment is like

‘Dough’ introduces a different way to explore decisions at multiple points during the journey of understanding what you'd like to be in the future.

By showing videos that go beyond the traditional job description’ created by professionals themselves, it helps you imagine and broaden your perspective on future possibilities. 

Dough learns from your reactions

to the video

The app collects data from your reactions to the videos and learns how you might like to work and what might be important to you. 


It then presents this information in the form of a profile, which facilitates greater self-awareness.


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Discovery Workshop
Discovery Workshop
Discovery Workshop
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RCA Work in Progress Show 2019
RCA Work in Progress Show 2019
RCA Work in Progress Show 2019
RCA Work in Progress Show 2019
RCA Work in Progress Show 2019
Pitch at Telefonica Alpha
Pitch at Telefonica Alpha