2017 Royal College Of Art
Team member: Jonathan Martell, Joshua Notley, Natalia Kritsali, Yi Wu

Powerful Children is an online service that provides educational toolkits that help children learn how to prepare flooding and what to do when it happens. 


In the UK, 5.2 million households,

which means 1 out of 6 houses are at risk

of flooding. For example, Carlisle, a place in the northern part of UK, was flooded 3 times in the past 10 years. 

From the interviews, we came to know that people in Carlisle check National Flood Forum online service for warnings, information about flooding and safety. 

But there is no extensive information for children, so many parents did not tell their children about flooding and how bad it will be. When a flooding happens, the problem is that many children are unaware and unprepared,

just following their parents being scared and worried, not knowing what to do. 

But why is it important to be prepared

and not scared?


Due to climate change, more and more natural disasters are occurring including flooding.

Also, research from American Academy of Pediatrics shows that 25% of the children who experienced a natural disaster have a difficult time recovering.


Our vision is that children, who are the citizens of the future, live to their full capacities with resilience. 

To achieve this, we need to educate them and help them learn how to prepare for unexpected natural disasters. 


According to research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, there are three steps that need to be done in order to minimize the possibility of trauma after a natural disaster.

First, children need to understand before the event - what is happening, why it is happening and what they need to do to remain safe.

The second one is to communicate their emotions and feelings about it and try to identify actions that they can do to change these emotions. The last one is to actively participate in the preparation and the recovery phase. By participating the feel that they are helping to protect their families and they can feel more secure.

Our service, Powerful Children, provides information to parents about how to handle flooding and how they can help their children to learn about it. 

We provide toolkits that will be the enabler for a conversation with the children and a template for an action plan for the children in case of an emergency. 

Action Plan

Through our web service, parents can first read everything they need to know about flooding and how to talk about with their children. They can download and print the game, or buy and have the game delivered to their house.


After learning by using our toolkit, they can create the emergency action plan together.