Hi there! 👋🏻

I'm Donglin, a visual thinker and designer
based in the UK.

Dough Service Proposition


A service that helps young people approaching

the question ‘what do I want to be in the future?’

by enabling them to interact and learn from inspiring professionals. 

Shortlisted by Telefonica Alpha.


#UXUI Design #Service Design #Branding


Leveraging Jaguar Land Rover’s existing platform and products to develop a service for urban millennial professionals who are not likely to own a car.


#UXUI Design #Service Design #User Research



Envisioning a service aimed at empowering young people to self-manage their back pain by tailoring support to their physical condition and lifestyle. 


#UXUI Design #Service Design #Branding


The Psychology of ‘1’

Exploring how technological development in 
communication tools has changed the ways people communicate, especially after the introduction of Kakao Talk in South Korea.


#Research #Writing #UX UI